A voting membership with unlimited golf privileges. This Regular Membership entitles you to serve on the Board of Directors, and, in the event of dissolution of the Club, you will receive an equal share of the proceeds.


This non-voting membership is available to persons whose primary residence is more than forty (40) miles away from the Club a minimum of six months per year. Golf is limited to forty-five (45) rounds at no charge, not including tournaments; Guest Green fees apply thereafter


This category of membership is available to persons who are currently a member of another private club in good standing. They may not own, rent, or lease residential property within a 40-minute drive of PVCC.  This membership includes 15 to 25 rounds of golf for you and spouse. 


This category of Membership includes unlimited golf, practice facilities and entitlement to all club privileges and activities for primary member, their spouse, and their dependent children under the age of 23. Junior Executive Members convert to a Regular Membership at age 41.


This non-voting membership extends full privileges for the period of June 1 through September 30 each year, automatically renewable each summer.


A non-voting membership. Social members are limited to ten (10) rounds of golf per year at member rates (includes Member/Guest and Club Championship). 

Each membership category enjoys the full use of all amenities, events, dining, and social privileges.

NOTE: Admission Fees are non-refundable and memberships are non-sale-able