The Pauma Valley Country Club Customs and Traditions

We are pleased to welcome you to The Pauma Valley Country Club. Since 1961, we have established a series of customs and traditions in order to enhance your experience at our Club. We take pride in making every one of our guests feel like a member during their visit. 

In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies and Dress Code:

Dress Code

The Dress Code is intended to preserve the culture and traditions of Pauma Valley Country Club while addressing modern standards of golf attire and style. It is binding on all members, their families, and guests.


Apparel that is specifically designed as golf attire is acceptable. 

MEN: Collared shirts, rain wear, sweaters, turtlenecks, slacks, golf shorts, etc., which are designed for golf and consistent with current golf fashion seen in popular golf publications and sold in golf shops, are permissible. Shirts tails must be worn ‘tucked in’ unless designed to be ‘worn out’. Hats, caps, and visors may be worn outdoors only and bills must face forward. Other than blue denim, tasteful colored denim and jeans (not torn, frayed, etc.) may be worn anywhere at PVCC.

WOMEN: Collared Shirts with or without sleeves, sweaters, golf tops, rain wear, slacks, skirts, shorts and ‘skorts’, etc, which are designed for golf and consistent with current golf fashion seen in popular golf publications, sold in golf shops, etc., are permissible, etc. Other than blue denim, tasteful colored denim and jeans (not torn, frayed, etc.) may be worn anywhere at PVCC.


  • Athletic, gym, and cycling apparel, tennis shorts or running shorts, camouflage cargo pants or shorts, swim wear, sports jerseys, blue denim, cut-offs, halter tops, bare midriffs, etc.

  • Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted at PVCC. Only shoes which have soft spikes or which are spikeless may be worn.                                 

    NOTE:  Changing clothes or shoes anywhere on the PVCC campus or parking lot, except the locker rooms, is not permitted.


(includes all rooms and areas of the Main Clubhouse)

At a minimum, casual attire meeting the above standards for golf attire, well-appointed tennis and fitness apparel, etc. is permitted at all times unless ”Dressy Attire***” or other specific attire is recommended for a special occasion or event. Men’s shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be ‘worn out’. Caps, hats, etc., may not be worn by men in the clubhouse unless there is a medical reason to do so. Tasteful denim and jeans of any color (not torn, frayed, etc.) may be worn anywhere at PVCC, EXCEPT when “dressy” or special apparel is requested.

***DRESSY ATTIRE: For men: suits or slacks and sport coats with ties, turtlenecks, sweaters, etc. Women may wear skirts or slacks, coordinated ensembles, dresses, jackets and other apparel that could be considered “dressy”. 
        NOTE: Open toe sandals/shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse. Rubber flip-flops are only allowed in the pool area 


Men: Shirts with sleeves or identified tennis shirts without sleeves, tennis and athletic shorts of a similar style and appearance, warm-ups, sweaters or sweatshirts, etc. may be worn. 

Women: Collared and crew shirts, with or without sleeves, tennis and athletic shorts, skirts, slacks, warm-ups, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. may be worn.

           NOTE: Only footwear appropriate to tennis may be worn.

It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that his/her family members and guests observe the Club’s dress code. Club Management and Golf Shop staff are expected to enforce the above policy.

Cell Phone Policy


As noted in the following, while the limited use of Mobile Phones is permitted in designated areas, their use is generally discouraged at PVCC in consideration of other members. This policy applies to all Members, spouses, dependents, and guests. Members are responsible for ensuring adherence by those spouses, dependents, and guests.

Mobile Phones may be maintained on SILENT or VIBRATE MODE while at the club.

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS PERMISSIBLE EVERYWHERE on the club grounds/property so long as such use does not affect pace of play, or is distracting to other members/diner, etc.

In the parking lots and cottages
Outside spaces leading from the parking lot to the entrances of the Club
Offices and Board Room
In case of an emergency

VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS NOT PERMITTED anywhere else on the property.